Looking For Our Ambassadors!

Do you have more than 1000 followers?! Do you use Instagram on a daily basis?

Here is your opportunity to earn money from it!

We are looking for people who can collaborate with us to make money from advertising on their social networks.
People who meet the following conditions are asked to contact us on our Instagram account or email.
1. Must live in the US
2. Must have at least 1000 followers
3. Must have a Paypal account
4. Must have at least 400 stories viewers in each story
Think you have what it takes?
The process is very simple:

If you are qualified, you will receive a coupon code with your name that will give your followers a 20% discount on our site for all products.
For any purchase over $30, you will receive $10 directly to your PayPal account
1. Contact us if you think you are qualified and we will examine your account
2. Receive a unique discount code
3. Advertise your code however you desire on a social media with your friends and followers (posts, stories , reviews)
4. Every time a user uses your coupon code, you will receive $10***!
5. Every sale over $100, you will receive 10% of the total sale!

***sales must be more than $30

-Your Paypal account will be credited only after the product arrives to the customer or 20 business days after the purchase

-If the customer cancels his order, the commission will also be canceled